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Jepara is a small town on the north coast of Central Java, one and half hours by car from the provincial capital Semarang.
Jepara was an important port kingdom in the mid-sixteenth century, once ruled by Queen Kalinyamat. The colonial Dutch burned it to the ground twice in one year for breaking their trade monopoly. It was also the home of Kartini the Javanese aristocrat whose life and letters advanced educational opportunities for Indonesian women in the early twentieth century.
Jepara also well-known as producer of the best handcrafted wooden carving furniture in Indonesia and became a cluster industry in any wooden carving products for decades, its the one and only place in Indonesia you can find any kind of wooden carving products from furniture to statues and any other wooden handicraft all around Jepara. The carving itself well-known over Indonesia and the world that has smooth and best craftsmanship skill compare to any others in the industry. It's home for live carver legend so far.

But not only wooden furniture products you can find here in Jepara, another industry supports to local business are handicraft products such as; rattan and bamboo, monel or white iron accessories, handcrafted fabric, and wooden statue and accessories. For details on these industry please see Biz Highlight or see Jepara Furniture Directory for your guide to find furniture supplier in Jepara.

Also if you would like to enjoy Jepara heritage and tourism, there are many places to visit such as; Kartini Museum, Jepara Regency Hall, Mantingan Royal Cemetery and Mosque, Kartini Beach, Panjang Island, Bandengan Beach, Fort of Portuguese, Mondoliko Island, Fort of de Bosch, Waterfalls of Songgo Langit and Jurang Nganten, Tempur Hill, Bate Setro and Serni Pine Woods Hills, and some caves. Or even visit famous national ocean park 'Karimun Jawa' which you can do any activities such as snorkeling, diving, etc. For details on tourism, please see Jepara Tourism Highlight
So when you in Jepara you can do working holiday, do the two things in one place. So, welcome to Jepara and hopefully you will enjoy the hospitality and beyond.

The Journey Of Jepara Wood Carving Products

The activity of Jepara Carving was started since the 7th century when Queen Shima Rule the Kalingga Kingdom in Jepara. Their main subject is making the Traditional Ship and Traditonal House. And then on the 16th century, when Jepara is lead by Queen Kalinyamat, there are so many improving and development on the carving design. It's because the original style of wooden carving get influence from Chinesse, India, Arab, and Europe style. So, the wooden carving have the change of it design.

On the 19th century, the development of Jepara Furniture Industry is become famous in many countries all over the world after R.A Kartini, the daughter of Jepara Head Residence introduce the wood carving products from Jepara to the Queen Wilhelmina on her marriage then R.A. Kartini also introduce Jepara wood carving through Oost en West
organisation that help on the market place. Another way how R.A Kartini introduce the wood carving is by sending it to her friends in Holland.

On the 20th century when Soeharto become a President of Indonesia, Jepara Furniture Home Industry get a support from the President's Wife to get the investor to expand their business and as a result, many foreign investor interested to expand their business to Jepara. Then the Europe design is dominate the production of Jepara Carving
Furniture up to now.

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